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Our team package consists of 3 sessions that allow your team to explore their creativity individually and together

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

Mary Lou Cook

Team Events

Whether you're planning a full team activity session or want to incorporate an element into a celebration or networking event, a collaborative painting or a guided session could be just the creative yet nourishing activity you're looking for.

We can accommodate teams of any size and can work the sessions to suit you and your day. We run these sessions at your organised venue and each quote is unique so why not schedule a call with Emma to find out more.

"Emma is one of the most talented artists, her mindful drawing workshop was one of the most relaxing and inspiring sessions I have ever experienced, her kind and well researched advice on technique and drawing was presented beautifully. I loved it."


The Team Package

Session 1. Mindfulness through expressive drawing
(approximately 1hr)

Get back to the route of creativity with freedom to explore different drawing and painting techniques.

Utilising learnings from the Japanese teachings of Wabi Sabi and her own mindful and artistic journey Emma has developed a workshop that encourages the mantra of enjoying the process over worrying about end results. “We don't always end up with something stereotypically beautiful but we create work with soul and energy.”

Using pencil, markers, charcoal and paper we draw, make marks, close our eyes and connect with our surroundings.


“50% of attendees at the last wellness day cited mindful drawing as their favourite session over yoga, ​thai chi ​and sound therapy.”

Session 2. Colour mixing and mini canvases (approximately 1hr)

Your artist will guide you through the core basics of colour mixing to achieve different outcomes in a painting. Paying attention to harmony and contrasts. Work on your own mini canvas and produce an abstract painting to take home. Learning brush, palette knife techniques and the different properties of acrylic paint.


“I asked Emma to facilitate a Your Team Canvas. It was an extremely popular part of the afternoon and everyone loved taking part. Emma was amazing and helped everyone find their inner artist. She was also friendly, professional and well organised.”


Session 3. Collaborative painting
(approximately 2-4 hrs)

This is where we bring in the YOUR TEAM CANVAS element. Using the techniques and mantra learnt in the previous sessions your team will be ready to work together on their collaborative painting. With the design of the canvas and colours chosen prior to the day we can focus on your brand, your ethos, something that's important to your team or business or anything else you're inspired by.

We encourage this activity to be built into a relaxed portion of your event. So you may want to combine it with networking or celebratory drinks or something else fun (the format of this section is similar to our wedding package)

The outcome is that all of your team will have come together to make their marks on this collaborative painting supported by a professional artist - A painting you’ll be proud to hang - a painting that’ll mean something to your team.

“The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.”

Ananda Coomaraswamy

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