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Make Your Mark Events Terms & Conditions 2023

If you want to book Make Your Mark Events for your event, these are the terms of business. By payment of the save the date fee you are deemed to have accepted these terms of business.
If you have any questions please contact Emma at
From here on Make Your Mark Events will be known as MYME or the artist and you will be known as the client.


Descriptions of service includes.

  • At least 1 pre consultation via video call.

  • We will inform you of your artist on the day upon booking but this is subject to change. Emma (lead artist and owner) work as many of the events as possible but does have a small team of trusted artists to work them too. Your artist attending the day may change on the lead up to your event. 

  • A discussion of the clients preferred colours, size and design ideas. MYME will put together designs and colour palette for you to approve.

  • In the run up to the event MYME will contact the venue to ensure they know to accommodate the event.

  • The artist will set up 1hour prior to your event and be in attendance at the canvas throughout the time decided upon. Once the time slot is up the artist will pack up and leave within 1/2 hour. For the Signature and masterpiece package the painting will be taken in whatever state of finish it is in. MYME will complete it whilst there if time allows or back at the studio. For the artisan package MYME will ensure all areas of the canvas are painted and leave with the venue along with an art pack to enable you to complete your piece.

  • The artist will work with, guide, support and help your guests paint your canvas if they wish.

  • The artist reserves the right to refuse anyone access to paint or products if they deem them unfit to use them.

  • The artist will aim to get a completed painting by the end of your session but can't guarantee this.

  • For signature and masterpiece packages, after the event MYME will touch up the piece and strengthen some areas. The artist will only over paint your guests work if rude or obscene things are painted (at the clients discretion), if it'll will enhance the painting or if it is requested by the client.

  • Signature and Masterpiece : MYME will aim to get the painting to the clients home address within 10 weeks of the event at a convenient time for you. In the event that a convenient time cannot be agreed MYME will arrange for courier of the package and there will be an additional charge for postage.If further afield there will be an additional charge for mileage or for postage. Discussed at booking.

  • In the event that the client wishes to change the service booked to add additional requirements this is subject to agreement with MYME and MYME may (but is not obliged to) accept any changes. A further fee may be payable (see Payment section below).




  • MYME agrees not to change the fee for the set base prices once the booking has been confirmed provided the service booked remains unchanged. In the event that the client wishes to add additional requirements then these may be payable and any revised fee will be discussed. Package add ons may be subject to change if prices increase - Final prices at consultation are final.

  • Please note prices may increase on the website but at your time of paying a save the date fee the price currently advertised will be honoured to the client (subject to any additional fee if additional requirements are added.

  • Upon initial discussion of the venue and other factors I will give you an estimated quote for your event. A £50 non refundable save the date payment is required.

  • After the clients consultation and full quote delivered and accepted a 50% deposit minus the save the date payment is required to confirm your booking.

  • The remaining amount is due 4 weeks before the event.

  • In the event of non-payment of the 50% deposit or remaining amount MYME reserves the right to cancel the services and the cancellation provisions below shall apply as if the event has been cancelled by the client.

  • For late bookings (with event taking place less than 8weeks from confirmation a 50% deposit will be due in addition to the £50 save the date fee). Remainder will be due 4weeks before event.



Change / cancellation.

  • - MYME's liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid and MYME shall not be responsible for other consequential damages, emotional or otherwise.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, liability is not limited for death or personal injury, or where otherwise prescribed by law.

  • MYME shall maintain at all times public liability insurance for the sum of at least £5000000

  • If the client chooses to cancel the event (or MYME cancels the event due to non-payment as above) they will be liable to pay compensation based on a percentage of the total fee depending on when the notice is received.
    121 days plus, the save the date fee of £50
    31 to 120 days 50%,
    0 to 30 days 100%.
    *MYME reserves the right to amend these to a lesser amount under exceptional circumstances as reasoned by MYME.

  • A cancellation must be verbal and in writing.

  • If the client postpones the event at anytime MYME will not charge any extra as long as the client still want the services and it is within the boundaries of original terms. If MYME is unable to accommodate the new date or venue for any reason the client will lose its save the date payment.

  • The booking is not finalised and will be available for others to book until the client pays a £50 save the date payment.

  • If the event is not able to be happen due to government guidelines we will postpone to a new suitable date at no extra cost. Should the client wish to not postpone but to cancel you will lose the save the date payment and be required to pay the above compensation based on when the cancellation occurs. If MYME is not able to accommodate the new date due to other commitments MYME will refund any payments made except the save the date fee. A schedule for this refund will be agreed between MYME and the client.

Weather and suitable location.

  • Upon discussion with the client and its venue MYME will discuss multiple options for where the event will be conducted. In the event that weather plays a part in where we work.

  • No refunds are available if the weather, venue or anything else beyond our control forbids us to do the event on the day.



  • The artist will do their best to ensure the client is happy with the piece however MYME cannot guarantee this due to personal taste. By signing this as the client you are showing you understand this.

  • MYME provides aprons and gloves for the guests to wear to help protect their clothes, however all painting is done at their own risk and MYME take no responsibility for damages due to paint.


Guest Control

  • A maximum of only 4 guests are allowed to paint at once.

  • Guests must not play with the equipment, paint or use the paint on anything else other than the canvas.

  • Children will only be able to paint if under supervision from a responsible adult.

  • Guests must not paint rude or obscene things or the artist will paint over ASAP and request they do not carry on painting.

  • MYME will not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behaviour of the client or guests at the event. If the client is unable to control the conduct of their guests resulting in an unacceptable degree of misconduct, or if the conduct or any of the guests damages the equipment or artwork it will result in the early or immediate departure of the artist and the artwork. The client understands in such an event no refunds will be granted.

  • MYME retains the copyright of the artwork completed. The artwork must not be reproduced without the permission of MYME. When MYME does give permission for a third party or vendor to use the images for said vendors advertising purposes, full credit must be given to MYME.

  • MYME takes the upmost care with transporting the artwork. However in the unlikely event of damage to the work (beyond repair) in transport, or the work has been lost or stolen MYME liability is limited to the return of 80% of all payments received for the event package. Depending on the clients location for the delivery of the artwork a courier will be used. If this is agreed the painting will be packaged securely and insured upon delivery. 

If in the event that you wish to raise a complaint, the client should first place the complaint in writing Emma at where we will look into resolving the issue within 30 days. 
Emma J Read - Make Your Mark Events


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