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5 tips for modern colourful wedding guest outfits

A Your Guest Canvas is all about allowing your guests to show off their creativity to celebrate your union and love. So we thought we’d contact stylist Sarah Sullivan to see what tips she would give our guests in “What to wear to a wedding”

It’s time to embrace joyful dressing again!

After 2 years of loungewear, working from home and staying in I think it’s fair to say that we are all out of practice when it comes to dressing up. We lost the joy of dressing during the pandemic and embraced clothes that took minimal effort. We chose comfort over exciting, shapeless over chic.

Now as our diaries start to fill up, it’s time to get excited about clothes again especially if you have a special event coming up this summer. It’s time to plan, its time to wear colour and print again. Its time to express our personalities through our clothes and wear something we love.

Rules have relaxed a bit too. Take weddings for example - couples are choosing tiered cakes made out of cheeses, cupcakes towers, photo booths and pick and mix sweet stands. And perhaps channelling creativity at its best is the live canvas painting entertainment by Make Your Mark Events (yes everyone can paint on your day!). Hats and fascinators are often no longer obligatory so there is no excuse for you not to be creative with your outfit and spread the joy!

With all this in mind, I have put together a few outfit suggestions. It’s not about buying a ‘one off’ outfit either but about buying pieces that will work with your existing wardrobe and continue to bring you enjoyment for years to come!

1. Choose a chic co-ord (coordinating set)

Less formal than a suit but just as smart AND you can mix each piece into your existing wardrobe easily. The top with jeans, the skirt/trousers with other t-shirts and jackets etc. There are some fabulous sets around. Phase eight have a wonderful selection.

2. Jump for joy in a jumpsuit!

The new modern away to dress for an occasion - jumpsuits are comfortable and stylish and come in some fabulous prints and colours. They are just as easy to wear with trainers as well as heels too.

3. Dress up in a classic dress

Choose a classic style dress such as a wrap dress or a tea dress and you’ll wear it for years to come. Easy to dress down with sandals, trainers, boots you name it.

4. Go for a bold! - in a brightly coloured trouser suit

Trouser suits have come a long way from the navy and black power suits of yesteryear and are now available in a rainbow of gorgeous juicy colours like bright pink, green and red. Perfect if your style is for more tailored pieces. So versatile you can wear the blazer afterwards with your jeans and the trousers with a t shirt.

5. Have a bit of fun with accessories too

try colourful scarves, statement jewellery and fancy bags and shoes.

Do not be afraid to dress up, show up and be confident this summer – after all we’ve been waiting a long time to enjoy ourselves again!

Outfit Details (NB all items available at time of publishing)

  1. Phase Eight Blouse £65, Matching Skirt £85 Phase Eight Pink Blouse £65, Matching Wide Legged Trousers £79

  2. Phase Eight Jumpsuit £130 Next Paisley Jumpsuit £54 available in petite and regular

  3. Marks and Spencer Tea Dress £39.50 available in short, reg, long up to size 24 Marks And Spencer Pink Wrap Dress £39.50 available in short, reg, long up to size 24

  4. Pink Suit Jacket Mango £49.99 and trousers £39.99 Green Suit Jacket Long Tall Sally £44 and Green Straight Leg Trousers £35

  5. Accessorize Beaded Clutch £35 Shein Orange Feather Shoes £20.75

About Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan is a personal stylist based in Winchester offering a variety of services to help you with your style such as wardrobe edits/decluttering, advice on body shape and fit, personal shopping and helping to restyle clothes that you already own. Get in touch for a free consultation


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