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Our Canvas Story - Real Weddings

Paige & James

Gate Street Barn, Bramley May 2022

Package - Signature for 100 guests

1mx1m canvas

I first met Paige and James at a showcase at Gate St Barn. From the off, the couple fell in love with the concept and were excited for what it could bring to their wedding.

The design:

Gate St Barn is gorgeous barn venue - on site they have a regenerative, family-run farm set in the heart of The Surrey Hills. With Longhorn Cattle and Mangalitsa pigs resident the couple decided to take inspiration from this. So we explored the pig canvas idea and also randomly a giraffe. (I’m not too sure what the connection was with a giraffe but hey - anything goes!)

With this in mind I designed two options and a bright colour palette to go with. The couple wanted a block colour background so we decided on a neutral grey.

The day

The couple wed at a ceremony at Gate St. It was a lovely sunny day so we set up in the outside garden area and welcomed the guests as they arrived for the ceremony. Arriving before the ceremony gave us the opportunity to get some guests to paint whilst they were waiting. We then joined the guests for the 2 hours drinks reception before they headed into the barn for the wedding breakfast.


This how the canvas finished at the end of the drinks reception. There were a couple of areas not filled in so my artist Zoe and I completed those before leaving. Back at my studio the tape was removed, sections strengthened, missing areas filled in and the white lines painted in. I also gave the background another coat of paint. After showing Paige and James the canvas they requested that the area above the nose be painted a different colour as the white bleed into the lines and the pink area within the nose be defined more.

What the couple said...

Such a unique idea!

Emma was fantastic and so approachable from the day we met her, and saw her innovative idea. She brought our ideas to life and was always up for tweaking things based on our imagination. During our wedding reception all of the guests loved being able to take part in something so different, which is now centre-stage in our home. Looking at Mr Pig will forever remind us of our special day, and we are so grateful for that. Emma and the team were brilliant during the wedding at giving advice, and some of the guests some gentle direction if needed! Thank you x

Thanks Paige and James!


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