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How to have an arty wedding (without a characaturist!)

From actual painting to nods to your favourite artist - we’ve found some delightful and stylish ways to incorporate ART into your big day. If you dream in colour and crush over an impasto painting - these could be for you.


No apologies made but we had to start with our own event. The ultimate dedication to art on your day - not many weddings allow their guests to work with a professional artist to help create a unique and bespoke piece of fine art during the day.

2. Cake

Let's face it, thick luscious icing has many similarities to paint. So why not treat your cake like a blank canvas and create a masterpiece on it. We adore this piece captured by @junebugweddings

Or why not have your own gallery in cake - like these 6 Impressionist style mini cakes by Maggie Austin Cake.

3. The Backdrop

Forget the balloon and flower walls, how about getting some personality full backdrop going on to have your vows or photos against. Get something painted on unstretched canvas that's unique to you and then get it stretched onto bars to display in your home.

4. Your Venue

Why not get married in a gallery - You can marry amongst the work of old masters at the National Gallery London

Or the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath and have your reception with a wonderfully creative background.

Or find that unique venue that provides some wonderful street art to make you stand out from the crowd - We love Digbeth Weddings in Birmingham.

5. Take to the dress.

Find your dress of dreams - now in colour! Goodbye Victorian tradition of the white dress - hello colourful you.

Or get creative yourself and paint it, dye it, up cycle it. It takes guts but results can be mind blowing! Have a backup plan and by knowing you have that may enable the freedom to create something truly you without fear.

6. Invitations and settings

Pay homage to an artist or a style and link your invitations and styling around that theme. We love the graphic dedication to Jackson Pollock here by Bliss and Bone

7. Bridal bouquet Illustrations

Fanatical about flowers and totally in love with your bouquet - then why not commission an illustration of it after your day. Charlotte Argyrou offers such a service and it is elegant and delightful.


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