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How can I make my wedding unique? 2024 entertainment ideas

To start - a massive thank you to hitched for featuring me on 2 of your blogs about the BEST ways to entertain guests!

Here I'll share the blog posts so you can head over and read the full lists if you want - but I'll also pick my favourites from lists too!

guests at wedding painting

Here's my top 4

you might like to check out.

fun wedding entertainment

I love a fire show! My partner can swing a fire chain and as good as he is he is now way a professional - so a proper fire act on your wedding I feel would be a proper WOW! Oddle Entertainment Agency provide fire performers, along with a range of other acts including acrobats, jugglers and more.

fun wedding entertainment

A treasure hunt! I love this for kids. I often set up ones for my son and it always goes down so well. It gives them an activity, a game, interactions and a reward!

fun wedding entertainment

I love a beautiful magazine and if your skills are there, then this is so fun! It could have about how you met, your familes, the day, your future, the guests, quizzes, important issues to you, charity links! The wedding I sent a canvas too in Mexico featured me in one with a QR code to a special website page where I put on some videos about what to do.

 Dapper & Bride can make a magazine for the day or one for after your wedding to share the day's highlights. It's a fab memento of the day and looks so cool!

fun wedding entertainment

DIY cocktail bar! If you didn't know I'm an ex publican and have a lot of love for crafting exciting and gorgeous drinks. Guest involvement would also be so much fun too! I love this self-service cocktail cart by husband-and-wife business Near And Far Mobile Bar.


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